Alborz Electric Noor company with the brand name Linco was established in 2013 and started its activity in the field of wire and cable production, with the help of Izad Manan and relying on management support, technology and the use of experienced personnel and using Today's machines continue to produce all kinds of wires and cables and distribute them with authority.

The company's activity started with the production of flexible wires (Afshan) and due to the increasing acceptance of the consumers of the manufactured products, all kinds of flexible cables, semi-Afshan, fixed installation of single and multi-strand, sector cables, control cables ( shielded and simple) as well as concentric and coaxial cables, has increased the variety of products to more than 180 products and the production capacity has increased to 12,000 tons per year.
Significant growth and quality improvement of products is possible with the efforts of specialists and experienced personnel and relying on national determination and will to achieve self-sufficiency by equipping production lines with the most modern machines and using the most advanced laboratory equipment with continuous quality tests of raw materials. It has been found that this importance has led to the production of high-quality products by complying with national and international standards.

Obtaining Iran's National Standard Certificate, obtaining approval from Tovanir Company, obtaining regional electricity approvals from most of the country's provinces, approval from Niro Research Institute, construction engineering system license, membership in the trade association of wire and cable manufacturers of Iran, membership in the Iran Quality Association, obtaining The international certificate of Oxford Cert as well as the obtaining of the standard certificate of the European Union all confirm the quality beliefs of the management of Alborz Electric Noor company, in this regard, in order to ensure the quality of the product so that the consumer buys it with full confidence and with full satisfaction. to be used, has established an integrated quality management system, which has finally succeeded in receiving the ISO 9001:2015 certificate from tuvnord, Germany.

We hope to take effective steps in this field by creating a good mutual relationship with the many customers of the company and providing the opportunity for friendship and interaction with these servers, which definitely depends on the continuation of our economic and production activities. We request you to help us in this field by providing opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism