بخش دوم صفحه اصلی
A year of experience
Linco wire and cable

Alborz Electric Noor Company with the brand name Linco has started its activity 
in the field of wire and cable production in 2013 and with the help of Izad Manan
and relying on the management support, technology and the use of experienced
personnel and using machines. Day of the world continues to produce
all kinds of wires and cables and distribute them with authority. The significant growth and quality improvement of the products
has been made possible by the efforts of experts and experienced personnel and
by relying on the national determination in order to achieve the continuous quality
tests of raw materials. has been


بخش دوم صفحه اصلی

Linco Products

We are to innovate, grow and develop to stay at the top.

Our products are used in a wide range of national, regional and international industries.
Arc welding electrode

Certificates and approvals

We are proud to cooperate with leading industries and organizations in Iran and internationally.